A change in the eBook system left Kindle users shut off at the Tulsa City-County Library, but another change is coming.

Tuesday, the Tulsa City-County Library announced it will resume using the service that allows Kindle users to check out eBooks.

The library released a statement saying, in part, “We are sorry to learn that some customers are unhappy with the decision to migrate our eBook collection from Overdrive to Cloud Library… As we want all of our customers to be happy, we will resume access to the Overdrive service within 30 days.”

Recently, the library switched to a new system called Cloud Library, which does not work with the Kindle format.

The library said it’s because Kindle books are in a proprietary format while publishers are moving towards a format called EPUB. Books in that format work with iPads, laptops, Nooks and most other tablets, but not the Kindle.

The library has been getting complaints but said they were getting more complaints about the difficulty of the old system.

The library said it will reassess in a year as it continues to provide the best experience for all customers.