TULSA, Oklahoma - Whenever something new happens at one of Tulsa's iconic places, it sometimes sparks controversy - sometimes unnecessarily.

Well, word of a new floor at the historic Cain's Ballroom is one of those instances, but you shouldn’t worry.

Cain's Ballroom is part of Tulsa's history, its DNA.

Cain's has hosted thousands of live shows and broadcasts over the years, and Tulsans have feelings for the place, and some emotions were stirred when they saw a new floor was going in.

The Ark Wrecking folks, proud to be part of the project, posted some pictures that got shared online and got a lot of reaction in the comments - 'OMG they're tearing up the original floor at Cain's Ballroom.'

The comments went back and forth - some knew what they were talking about, some didn't.

Here's what you need to know:

The Rodgers family bought Cain's in 2002. At that time they said they planned a big renovation - new roof, ceiling, air conditioning - part of that included a new floor in 2007-2008.

So the floor being replaced now isn't the first time the floor's been replaced, but because of all the talk about what's going on with the floor they sent out a statement.

"We intend for Cain's patrons to enjoy the same experience that they always have, but in the interest of safety, we need to replace the floor."

They also commented on one of the great urban myths regarding Cain’s – the springs under the dance floor. They said there never were any springs, just a well-designed floor, and the new one will be, too.

The next show booked at Cain's isn’t until February 4th, so they have a month to get the work done.