OKLAHOMA CITY - An arrest was made in a deadly shooting on Oklahoma City’s northeast side.

Police were called to a home on NE 19 about 8:45 a.m. Wednesday. That’s where they found the body of 44-year-old Vincense DeWayne Williams. Police say Williams had been shot. 

Oklahoma City police arrested Williams' girlfriend, 40-year-old Georgette Haddox, in connection with the homicide.

Police said the two were dating but did not reveal what events led up to the shooting. 

Beverly Jackson says she’s the grandmother of two of Williams' children.

"He comes by and takes the kids to eat and things like that,” Jackson said. “And kinda been with, kinda the wrong crowd. You know, kind of a rowdy crowd."

Danielle Mustin said she is the children’s aunt, and that Williams didn’t deserve to be gunned down.

 "It doesn't really matter what’s going on," Mustin said.

Mustin says Williams had his share of problems in the past,  but he'd recently turned his life around for his kids.

"He was a wonderful man a great father and well known in the neighborhood," Mustin said there will be a void now, "kids looked up to him all the time whatever they needed he was definitely there."

Mustin said her family will make sure the children are taken care of. 

"We're just going to make sure that they know that they're loved and that time just keeps going on. But they're highly loved and appreciated and it's going to hurt," Mustin said.

The family is waiting anxiously for more information such as a motive for the killing.

Oklahoma City Police are working to sort all of that out.

If you have any information you are asked call Crime Stoppers (405) 235-7300.