TULSA, Oklahoma - Neighbors near the Route 66 Event Center at 11th and Sheridan are fed up with the noise and police calls.

They contacted City Councilor Karen Gilbert, who has a meeting with police Thursday to see what can be done.

Police said there have been a number of calls at that address in the past year, everything from domestic disturbance to shots fired, disturbances with weapons, and an incident when a security guard investigating a purse-snatching inside was shot and killed outside in October.

The Event Center advertises as a place to hold birthday parties, class reunions, wedding receptions and other get-togethers, but people who live nearby said it's a nuisance in the neighborhood.

One neighbor posted: "Police responded to shots fired at Route 66 Event Center, once again...I  have noted incredibly loud music until 6 a.m. on the weekends, multiple fights in the parking lot, and this is the second time shots have been fired in 3 months."

Another said: "We feel the floors of our homes shaking from the bass."

And another said: "I certainly don't want stray bullets in my backyard," and "This nonsense has got to stop."

County records show the event center is owned by CWP, Inc.

State records show that's owned by  Carl White. We called and left a message at the business but didn't hear back.

City Councilor Karen Gilbert said she'll give an update after her meeting with police on Thursday.

Neighbors said they are frustrated because they said they've done all this before, met with police, filed complaints and yet, nothing gets done. 

This time they hope something is finally done to give them some peace in their neighborhood.