MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - Muskogee County deputies made a big drug bust that got thousands of dollars’ worth of meth off the streets.

After interviewing Brian Barbre, deputies said they found five plastic bags of meth hiding in the bumper of his car - 330 grams of meth.

The county’s new sheriff, Rob Frazier, said, at street value, that's between $15,000 and $20,000 worth.

Tony: "What's the feeling going forward, being able to get something like this off the streets?"
Frazier: "It's a great feeling because we know that the citizens of Muskogee, there's going to be some that are--we might save a life you never know. Somebody is going to take his place, there's going to be others out there, we're going to continue the fight."

Muskogee County deputies said they found the meth hidden in the rear bumper of Barbre's car.

Frazier said deputies already served two search warrants at Barbre’s home and seized some meth and marijuana.

Barbre was booked into the Muskogee County Jail.

Through more interviews, Frazier said his deputies found the five bags of meth stashed in the bumper of Barbre's car.

Tony: "This is intent?"
Frazier: "Yes, yes it is. That's a large amount of meth, very large amount."

The sheriff was just sworn in as the county's new top law enforcement officer on Tuesday.

"It was important for us to do it just so the public knows, 'Hey, we're not going to sit back, we're going to be proactive,’" he said.

Barbre is being held in the Muskogee County Jail on a $100,000 bond.