TULSA, Oklahoma - A 38-year-old man is behind bars, accused of threatening to kill his girlfriend then stabbing her several times on New Year’s Day.

A sister of the victim posted on Facebook about the attack asking people to share his image in hopes of helping police arrest him.

Police said officers located and arrested Juan Carlos Renovato-Jauregui around noon in the 2700 block of South 129th East Avenue. He has since been booked into the county jail, charged with multiple counts of assault and battery.

When News On 6 asked if he attacked his girlfriend on New Year’s Day, Renovato-Jauregui was silent.

Police reports say he got into an argument with his girlfriend inside a unit at the Boulder Ridge Apartments.

“You look at those pictures, those are very tough pictures to look at," Officer Leland Ashley said. "It just shows you the type of either rage this individual possibly had in his attempt to harm her."

Police said Renovato-Jauregui told the victim "she had 10 minutes to live and then he would end them both."

Police said he punched the woman in the face then stabbed her several times with a knife from the kitchen.

At the time, Renovato-Jauregui claimed she attacked him and both were taken to hospitals. He was released before he could be arrested - she stayed longer to be treated for her wounds.

Ashley said, "This probably has to rank right up there with the injuries that I've seen coming from stab wounds."

Police found Renovato-Jauregui in Tulsa Wednesday afternoon.

Word of his arrest prompted a new post from the sister of the victim - who took to Facebook asking people to share the story in hopes of finding her sister's attacker.

"UPDATE: I was just informed TPD got him today! Thank you god and thank everyone that shared this post and made his capture possible. I love all 10,000 plus of you that shared this."

On the arrest report, it's noted Renovato-Jauregui needs to be held for Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, which usually means the person is undocumented.

Renovato-Jauregui is facing four charges related to assault and battery. He was booked on a $27,000 bond.