TULSA, Oklahoma - You might see a few flurries during the rest of the day today but overall it’s just a quiet cold day.

Cold air continues to filter in and day time highs will only top out in the mid-20s. Cloud cover might thin out at times but mostly-cloudy skies will prevail. Winds are gusty, keeping wind chill values in the teens.

Tonight, the main wave of winter weather will arrive. Light snow will start showing up around the metro close to midnight while the main batch of snow will be out to our west. The main batch of snow will stay south of the metro, but we could see an uptick in snowfall from midnight through 7 AM. This would give us a dusting of accumulation once the system moves out by tomorrow afternoon.

A narrow band of higher accumulations should set up south of Tulsa. Latest data, keeps the narrow band along I-40 where folks could see an inch or more of accumulation. Drier air filtering in across northeastern Oklahoma will keep accumulation totals to just a dusting in most locations north of I-40. However, if that heavier band settles in any farther north that would push higher totals northward into Tulsa county.

Make sure to pay extra attention for slick spots on elevated surfaces such as bridges and overpasses. The most likely areas for slick spots will be south of Tulsa and across central and western Oklahoma.

A travel advisory is in effect for central and western Oklahoma from 10 p.m. tonight until noon tomorrow.