TULSA, Oklahoma - The City of Tulsa is keeping an eye on roads tonight. Crews started salting streets at 4:30 Friday morning, keeping it up for most of the day.

They didn't plow any snow since it wasn't deep enough, but they did treat bridges and intersections.

The streets were clear most of the day but they're watching what happens after traffic dies down.

"If it gets really cold, we'll still have some issues in some areas. The employees involved in this will stay on standby in case we need to call them back in,” said Tim McCorkell with the City of Tulsa.

Even though we didn’t get much snow in Tulsa, it was the largest deployment of City snow crews in two years.

Friday, the crews in Tulsa were out as snow fell, working to keep you moving.

While the main arteries are open and clear, some of the side streets are so impassable that officials have put down barricades, closing those roads down.

Driver Ernie Crawford said, "What they'll do is block it off on that end and the other end and not let anybody on this."

The signs were ignored by some cars; one still got stuck, and we saw others struggling to get around it.

"Well, you just don't want to come down that hill," Crawford said. "If it's snowing like this, stay away from it."

People were out working to clear driveways as loved ones came home, while others arrived home to a bit of slippery shock.

"I'm surprised it was that slick down there because all we got was snow," said driver Dan Lubojacky. “The left’s okay, you go to the right it is a skating rink.”

For letter carriers like Gene Morrison, the job must go on.

"Side streets have been pretty slick, but you just take it slow and easy and it should be okay," Morrison said.

To help with his route, Morrison put chains on his back tires.

"With chains on the back it's pretty rough riding, you have to go about 30 miles an hour," he said.

Hopefully come Saturday, crews will have gotten to some of your side streets.

Letter carriers are asking, if you can't park in your driveway to not park in front of your mailbox - allowing them to deliver your mail.