TULSA, Oklahoma - The Rogers County Sheriff's Office is looking to fill some positions on its volunteer mounted patrol team.

But, it takes more than owning your own horse to be a part of the team.

Just east of Claremore, Mounted Patrol Member Kassie Kirby takes care of two horses on her ranch.

Pepper is the one she would go out with if the mounted patrol goes on a search and rescue mission.

"Pepper overall, he has a quiet personality,” explained Kirby. “But he is very curious, and he is a very look-see horse. He likes to look around and see what's going on around him."

Major Coy Jenkins has been working with his horse for 15 years, and he's going into his fourth year with her on the mounted patrol.

"Her name is "Tee," he stated.

Jenkins says the horses need year-round training.

"Keep them always on their toes, always thinking," said Kirby.  

And who would have thought mounted patrol members are using hula hoops to train their horses!

"This horse is phenomenal, doesn't move at all,” said Jenkins. “Most horses, if you take a hula hoop, just the sound of the shaking alone will frighten them. We've gotta have these horses where nothing will intimidate them at all."

Aside from the training and being ready to go out on a mission at any hour of the day, the sheriff's office wants someone who can have a little fun.

Last summer, part of the team went to Lake Oologah to keep an eye out for troublemakers and spent a lot of time visiting with people celebrating the Fourth of July.

"These individuals that we're looking for on the team have got to be very outgoing,” said Jenkins. “They've got to be able to relate to people."

If you and your horse are ready, tryouts are January 15th at 1:00 p.m.

All volunteers must be at least 21 years of age, have no criminal background and be able to pass an evaluation, background check and interview. 

For more information, contact Jenkins at (918) 798-7723.