WAGONER, Oklahoma - A heating specialist in Wagoner is noticing an alarming trend; he's finding some people's exhaust pipes from their furnaces and water heaters have come loose, leaking dangerous Carbon monoxide into their homes.

The exhaust pipes were talking about are also called the Flue. It's possible some of the high-wind storms we had this summer knocked the pipes out of place and people are not finding out until just now.

Wind storms this summer tore up roofs and knocked trees and branches down, some of which caused damage to people's homes.

Eric Hall with Hall's Heat and Air says he's seen more than a dozen homes that have had their Flue exhaust pipes knocked loose. He says he has seen more this year than in the past 15 years he's worked the area. 

He says both furnaces and water heaters can have this problem. 

He encourages you to at least give yours a visual inspection, especially if you had any roof damage that could have jarred your exhaust pipes loose.

"An install, they are just sitting on there,” Hall explained. “That's how most of them are installed. And so, any type of jarring on the roof, a limb hits, roofers up there redoing the roof, they don't realize what's happened… I've head several of these."

Of course, the folks at the fire station also encourage you to install a carbon monoxide detector in your home, primarily in the area you sleep. 

If you think your exhaust pipes are loose, you are encouraged to call a heating expert and have them inspect your home.