JENKS, Oklahoma - Jenks and Tulsa firefighters coordinated to put out a house fire in Jenks Sunday morning that they said they think began when a fire started in a fireplace by a squatter got out of hand.

News On 6 was the first on the scene where fire officials say the home, located on north Cedar and West E streets, is a total loss after the fire gutted it. 

Fire officials said no one was home at the time of the fire since the home is currently vacant, but that they suspect a squatter had been in the home. 

Jenks Police Department Cpl. Mike Gauldin said the home had no working utilities but a fire had been burning in the fireplace and it got out of control.

The homeowner resides in an assisted living facility and the person currently taking care of the home lives out of state, Gauldin said. 

Jenks Fire Department Assistant Chief Greg Ostrum said they will continue to investigate the fire. 

The below-freezing temperatures created problems for the firefighters, as one fire hydrant was frozen and their oxygen bottles were freezing up, Ostrum said.