TULSA, Oklahoma - A long-time Tulsa musician is beginning a series of courses at the Woody Guthrie Center designed to help aspiring musicians.

The musician, Paul Benjaman, calls it practical help for musicians to help them communicate with other musicians.

"To give you some ropes and guidelines that make you feel more confident about playing with other musicians," he said.

Like, for example, how chords and instruments and musicians can work together and play together.

"Taking something that's such wide open and then bringing it in, reining it in,” Benjaman said.

We asked him, what's the biggest mistake young players make.

"With me it was being afraid to ask," he said.

So don't be that guy or girl - bring your questions and learn a little practical music theory.

The courses run for six Tuesday evenings at 7:30. Contact the Woody Guthrie Center for more information.