TULSA, Oklahoma - With icy winter weather once again a threat, the City of Tulsa is stocking up on salt and has a plan in place to treat roads across the city.

City of Tulsa's Public Works Department says it has 8,700 tons of salt on hand and 2,000 more tons expected to arrive Thursday.

Streets maintenance manager, Tim McCorkell says they've fueled up the city's fleet of 67 salt spreaders getting ready for the storm.

He says Tulsa will focus on main streets starting sometime late Thursday or early Friday.

"We'll watch our weather sensors and when the sensors are moving down closer to freezing, then we'll be loading the trucks and sending them out that way," said Tim McCorkell.

McCorkell says the city uses salt instead of sand, because sand is more costly to clean up.  The City of Tulsa spent nearly a million dollars during the 2007 ice storm to use and remove the sand from the roads.