TULSA, Oklahoma - A major street project us up and running again in the Utica Square area after a break for the holiday rush.

The East 21st Street Rehabilitation Project spans from Peoria all the way down to Lewis and is causing headaches for some business owners.

The $9.5 million project started in the summer of 2015. Britt Vance with the City of Tulsa said it has three phases, with the first two already finished.

The last phase is on 21st between Yorktown and Lewis. Some business owners in that area are already sick of dealing with the congestion.

"It's difficult. It's difficult for our patients. We have many elderly patients that already have a hard time driving in the city. Then it's difficult to actually turn into our clinic. So it makes it more challenging," said Dermatologist George Monks with the Tulsa Dermatology Center.

Vance said projects like this are a huge undertaking but they're finally in the homestretch.

He said the project should be finished in September, but they hope to finish before then, depending on the weather.