TULSA, Oklahoma - Workers are winning the battle to Tulsa's highway lights back on, but metal thieves are still breaking in and stealing the wire.

Tulsa's Director of Streets and Storm Water Terry Ball says while workers have made great progress replacing the wiring in lights around town, thieves still broke-in and stole wire from some highway lights as recent as last month.

Ball says that switching to a cheaper metal for the wires, like aluminum and installing locking doors is slowing down the thieves.

Still, he says the thieves are constantly scouting and attacking different areas. 

"They're hitting the lights throughout the entire system.  There isn't an area that they haven't hit.  What were doing is, as the new lights get switched over to us, we are putting new doors on those," said Terry Ball.

Tulsa Police are catching some of the thieves, but are asking for help.  They are asking drivers if they see anyone around highway light poles to call and report it.