OWASSO, Oklahoma - A young buck is running free again after getting some getting some help from an Owasso chiropractor and his wife. This deer got hung up on a fence while trying to jump into a neighborhood east of Owasso. 

Holly Kirk spotted the buck Wednesday morning and called Game Warden Brandon Fulton to ask what she could do to get the deer down. With coaching from Fulton, Holly and her husband, Dr. Daren Kirk - with Kirk Chiropractic and Wellness Center - draped a blanket over the buck's head and put a table under his backside. 

That helped take some of the weight and pressure off the deer's skin where he was hung. 

Holly says she held the buck's head, while Dr. Kirk used a walking stick to adjust the deer and free him. Once they got him off the fence, Holly says the buck laid on the table for about five minutes before getting up, running off and successfully jumping another fence. She says he seemed just fine when he took off.  Holly also says deer was calm the entire time, almost as if he knew they were there to help. 

Holly's seen the buck many times in her backyard and even has a name for him, Lenny. She joked Lenny may soon be a regular at her husband's office because after hanging on the fence for an hour or so, he's might need some adjustment.

Holly says there is an opening cut out of the fence for deer to go under. This is the second deer to get stuck like this, so she's going to see if there's anything that can be done to make it easier for the deer coming in and out of her neighborhood.