A huge fire that burned for nearly three hours destroyed a building in the Pearl District last month.

The property on the corner of 3rd and Peoria might look like it's being neglected, but the owner said he has a vision for something "iconic" to be there in the future.

Right now there's a pile of rubble at 3rd and Peoria; charred pieces of the vacant building are left behind after one of Tulsa's largest fires of 2016 and owner Michael Sager said it can't be cleaned up just yet.

"There are legal entanglements. I have no right to go on the railroad property or remove their asset, which is partially tumbled down. So, it's more complicated than it looks," he said.

But Sager said the mess won't be there forever.

"The site will be scraped down to the concrete," he said.

Sager is talking with several developers about the future of the location, which he calls a "super corner."

He said, "If you're leaving Brookside and you're coming downtown to the BOK Center, you come right up Peoria and turn left on 3rd."

It's been vacant for years.

The Tulsa Board of Adjustment said "no" to Iron Gate's application to build a soup kitchen there in 2015, but Sager said the zoning is perfect for something else.

"It's got high intensity zoning suitable for a distillery or brewery," he said.

But that's not final, and he hopes to have firmer plans for 3rd and Peoria sometime this year.

Firefighters said the fire started because some homeless people were inside trying to stay warm.