OSAGE COUNTY, Oklahoma - As winter weather moves across Green Country, areas to the north and west of Tulsa could feel the brunt of the storm.

Osage and Pawnee Counties are dealing with some icy roads and more wet weather.

A drizzling that fell Friday afternoon is cause for concern for more roadway icing as we move into the evening.

Emergency managers in both counties said there haven't been any major problems in the areas; ice-covered trees are the most noticeable examples of the winter punch.

It didn't take long for some of the streets and sidewalks in downtown Pawhuska to glaze over with ice.

“It's kind of deceptive because there's a lot of good pavement and then there's not,” said attorney Steve Holcombe.

He said he knows of at least one person caught off guard by the changing conditions.

“I don't think he was injured, but he just didn't realize. He got out of his truck and slipped on the ice,” Holcombe said.

The roads didn't keep the locals from driving in and grabbing a bite from at the Pioneer Woman's Mercantile.

And winter weather is no match for Pawhuska's postal workers, who will be out in the thick of it to make sure the mail gets where it needs to be.

“I'd just assume have a warm, sunny day,” they said. “We all grin and bear it.” 

A little farther south, near Cleveland, a thin layer of ice is bearing down on tree limbs and power lines, though, not enough, thankfully, to cause any problems.

Road crews in both Pawnee and Osage counties will continue to monitor the roads and will be out to treat them if conditions worsen overnight.