TULSA, Oklahoma - Since we don’t see it all that much, you may have forgotten how to drive on ice.

Tulsa police want to make sure you’re safe on the roads and have some tips about how to drive on the ice.

Officer Logan Nelson said speeding would be the number one thing not to do when the roads get slick, especially if they get icy.

Police say most people don't realize how fast they're going. They say rather than going at top speed, drivers need to do go slower, even more than you'd think you need to when the roads are icy.

Nelson also said you should back off the person in front of you.

"Keep your distance between the car in front of you and slow way down," he said.

The second thing is to put down your phone - don't text, don't check Facebook, and don't scroll through your music.

Nelson said, "We get a lot of rear-end wrecks in Tulsa and it's usually one of them or a combination of both."

The third thing is to know what kind of brakes you have and how to use them when you hit a patch of ice; slamming on them will make you slide.

"If you have anti-lock brakes, keep your foot on the brake and you can still steer some. If you don't have anti-lock brakes, pump your brakes over and over," Nelson said.

If you do have an accident, in addition to exchanging name, address and insurance information, also take a picture of their tag, their car and damage to both vehicles so you have it for your records.