TULSA, Oklahoma - When the forecast shows potential storms, people tend to rush to the stores for their bread and milk.

To prepare for that increase in demand, stores like Reasor's start getting ready days ahead.

Shopper SynCeerae Robbins knows that Oklahoma weather is anything but reliable.

"We never know. We're in Oklahoma. Wait 15 minutes you're going to get the weather that you want," she said.

But something you *can depend on, is the rush to the grocery store at the first sign of severe weather.

"I got to the store and get these last-minute things - bread, juice,” Robbins said.

Most of the time, the last-minute staple items include bread, milk and bottled water.

Buy why do people always buy those items before potential storms?

"Tradition? I have no idea," said Reasor’s Foods COO, Brent Edstrom.

Edstrom said the days leading up to severe weather are busy, and stores have to make sure shelves are stocked.

He said his team is grateful they got early notice about this weather event because they were able to get extra deliveries from their wholesalers this week to keep up with demand.

"We talk to milk suppliers, which are brought in direct. We talk to bread because, obviously, you've seen panic-buying on the east coast and bare shelves. I guarantee you we do not have bare shelves," Edstrom said.

It's not just bread and milk, the COO said canned goods, chili mix and snacks are popular, too; and beer.

"If you're going to be iced in, you might as well be happy, right," Edstrom laughed.

Reasor's said their stores will be fully re-stocked in the morning.