SKIATOOK, Oklahoma - Area roads remain wet as we move through the night.

Crews did a good job prepping bridges and overpasses for the storm, but just because it's not a worst-case scenario for them doesn't mean they're taking the rest of the night off.

Like most of the Tulsa metro area, Skiatook saw a lot of bitter cold rain Friday.

While it has been cold enough to cause people to run from their cars to get inside, and cold enough to cause icicles to form on some signs, it hasn’t been cold enough to cause any of the rain that fell to freeze on the pavement in Skiatook.

Still, crews there are out sanding and salting and standing by should the temperature dip below freezing.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation said it had crews out at 2 a.m. making sure any potential hazardous spots were treated.

But they too are not calling a quits. The main concern is that overnight the temperature gets low enough for all the standing water on the roadways to freeze in and around Tulsa.

ODOT spokesperson Kenna Mitchell said, "They've been wet, and that's just because the temperature has been right above that freezing mark. But, we have to be very careful in situations like this because we know just a one-degree difference can turn into a totally different situation on the roadways."

Hopefully you are in for the night, but, if you have to venture out, give yourself extra time to travel in case it gets slick.