TULSA, Oklahoma - Wet roads caused a few people to slide off highways in Tulsa Saturday morning; at least one of those could have been avoided.

Tulsa police say a man drove too fast for the conditions on the 21st Street off-ramp from I-44, then, busted through a retaining wall and went on to hit a building.

The driver's Chevy pickup slammed into a maintenance building at Shoreline Apartments.

Witness Daniel Bonilla said, "It sounded like a train wreck. It sounded horrible. That was the most frightening part of it all was just the sound of it."

The neighbor said he knew what to do next.

"My first instinct - call 911 because they'll know the conditions, so I called 911," Bonilla said.

The driver told police he had his seat belt on.

Officers said he should have been driving slower.

Bonilla said, "Obviously he was probably going a little too fast and probably tried pressing the breaks all at once instead of pumping the brakes."

Drivers throughout Tulsa dealt with rain falling on and off all morning, leaving the roads wet.

Slick spots at the Red Fork Split caused Lin Sang to roll over several times after sliding off Highway 75 North before it merges with I-244.

"At this time, I'm thinking - Jesus, help me! That's it," Sang said.

He said, thankfully, no one else was on that section of the road while he rolled three to five times before landing upside down.

Sang said, "I'm just feeling Jesus saved my life."

While both drivers walked away from their crashes, staff at the Shoreline Apartments spent the day cleaning up the mess left behind from the pickup driver after police said he lost control.

Police ticketed the driver for going too fast for Saturday's conditions, and driving without a license.