BARTLESVILLE, Oklahoma - Bartlesville is still not out of the woods just yet. They might see another round of freezing rain Saturday night.

Street crews there said you still need to watch your speed.

Folks in Bartlesville woke up to icy conditions Saturday morning, especially on elevated surfaces like parking lots and driveways.

Bartlesville police said they didn't have any unusual accidents or weather-related calls in the overnight hours when temperatures were at their lowest.

Street crews were out laying down salt and sand to battle refreezing on many roads.

The temperatures warmed up a bit as the day wore on, so the melting began, but the City encourages people to keep using caution on the wet roads as they thaw out.

Public Works Director Keith Henry said, "You get the tendency to take on off and drive, basically the situation we're in today. It can change minute to minute."

The public works department said it will replenish its salt and sand supply so crews will be ready for the next big winter weather event.