TULSA, Oklahoma - A group of about 50 people marched near downtown Tulsa for a "Love Conquers Hate" Walk , ahead of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The group's march ended at the Boston Avenue Methodist Church after they walked down the street with police escorts from 7th and MLK Blvd. 

They marched in the way that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used to march in the 60s, arm-in-arm, singing, holding hands and holding posters.

Organizers said they wanted to make it a big deal that they did this in partnership with local law enforcement to try to bridge the gap with Tulsa Police Department, Tulsa County Sheriff's Office and other local law enforcement. The organizers worked with police to block off the streets so they could arrive to the church safely.

The theme of the activities and march was 'Love Conquers Hate,' which was something King firmly stood for.

Organizers said they thought of the name of the march way before the police-involved shootings across the country, including the Terence Crutcher shooting in Tulsa. 

The group said they really just want to drive home the idea that love does conquer hate, and that's exactly what MLK stood for and that's what they hope the public stands for.

"I hope it will be an encouragement to young people to stand up. It's time for us to take an interest and stand up for whats happening in our community and our world today," said march participant Cynthia Browne. 

Organizers said the march kicks off the events leading up to Monday's MLK parade in downtown Tulsa. 

The parade route will result in some downtown street closures: the part of John Hope Franklin Boulevard that wraps around the OSU-Tulsa campus, and greenwood near ONEOK Field will be closed. Elgin from Brady to 1st Street will also be closed. 

The parade route will remain closed until 1:30 p.m. and the disbanding area until 2 p.m.