WAGONER COUNTY, Oklahoma - The second person of interest in the brutal killing of a 15-year-old Wagoner county boy has been identified.

Brennon Davis was found wounded, possibly shot, and burned in a remote area near Fort Gibson Lake.

Monday, investigators named 23-year-old Cody Austin Thompson as a second person of interest. Investigators previously arrested 22-year-old Josh Harrington for obstruction of justice in connection with the death.

They say he is also a person of interest.

As the investigation continues, people in Davis’ hometown of Okay said they’re shocked and want answers.

"Everybody is talking about it. I work in the store and all I hear is, ‘Have you heard anything? Do you know anything? What's being said now,’" said Okay resident, Kellsie Epperson.

Davis's body was found near Fort Gibson Lake last week after it had been burned.

Epperson said, “Nobody deserves anything that brutal to happen to them, and I pray for his family.”

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott said the investigation is coming along after interviewing both persons of interest.

Harrington has been arrested for obstruction of justice, while Thompson has not been arrested.

“I want to repeat, they are not suspects. They are persons of interest," Elliott said. “At this time, right now, both of these persons of interest have invoked their 5th amendment rights and do not want to speak to us anymore about this.”

Elliott said there have been a lot of rumors surrounding what happened in the small community and said, right now, people need to be patient.

“There has been a lot of conjecture out in the community about what happened, and as a law enforcement official and in a police investigation, we take things very slowly to make sure all of our Is are dotted and our Ts are crossed and we don't comment on conjecture,” Elliott said.

The sheriff said while there haven’t been any arrests just yet, he's confident Davis’ death will not go unpunished.

The sheriff’s office is waiting for the medical examiner to determine the exact cause of death but said they know someone set Davis on fire and possibly shot him.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office at 918-485-3124.

The family has created a Go Fund Me page, you can donate here.