TULSA, Oklahoma - A group of students from Edison Middle School will join more than 900,000 people on the steps of the Capitol Friday for Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Just a few months ago, teachers at Edison Middle School created a mock election so students could learn how the voting process works.

On Friday, the students are witnessing the real thing - the swearing in of the 45th president in Washington D.C.

Tuesday, more than 51 students met with chaperones and teachers to discuss last minute details.

American History teacher Matthew McAfee said students had to sign up for the trip during the primaries in March, long before they knew who would win the election.

McAfee said the trip is important for students to learn about the transition of power, regardless of their political opinion.

The students said they’re excited to witness history, especially since they'll be a part of it in just a few years.

Student Scotlin Ledgerwood said, “We are going to be able to vote next election, so, I think more people should be learning about how this works."

"It's pretty amazing that they get the opportunity before they actually can go to the ballot box themselves to see what it looks like," McAfee said.

The students fly out early Wednesday morning. They'll also attend the Inaugural Ball Friday night.