BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - The family of a Broken Arrow girl killed in a traffic accident wants people to know about her life, not just her death.

Rain Gates was riding her skateboard to school on Main Street in November when she was killed.

Rain Bo Gates would've celebrated her sweet 16th birthday this May. Her family said she loved to draw, write poetry and wanted to change the world for the better, and in a twist of fate, through her death, she did exactly that.

She gave her heart to a woman in her 50s and her kidney kept a man from having to go to dialysis. 

"Yes, one of them was in his 20, so that makes me happy, he has a long life to go now," said Rain's mother, Danniel David. 

Rain's organ donations saved seven lives. It comforts her family to know she is living on through others. 

Rain loved horses and wolves.

She grew up in Wagoner and even though she and her mom struggled through many dark times in life, including being homeless for awhile, they always stuck together.

"I miss her hugs, miss her coming through the door, her smiling, her singing," David said. 

David said on that final day, she and her daughter were happy and filled with laughter and she told Rain she loved her as Rain headed out to school on her skateboard. 

She understands Rain's death was an accident but she feels hurt the woman behind the wheel has never said she's sorry.

"As a human being, think you'd have enough decency to apologize," David said. 

David has survived a lot of tragedy in her life and is the first to admit, some of it was her own doing, but, losing her Rain Bo has been overwhelming.

"My heart has never in my life hurt and ached and I mean physically, pounding, aching feeling in my chest that doesn't go away. It doesn't go away,"
David said. 

Rain's family would like to see the city of Broken Arrow put up a walkway where Rain was killed. They said they see a lot of people crossing there and said the nearest crosswalk is a half-mile away.