CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - Some residents in Claremore have taken to social media, worried about crime in their neighborhoods. 

A video was taken outside of a home in Claremore, and what's on it isn't sitting well with the homeowner.

"Scared was my initial feeling and then I got angry," said Claremore homeowner Jennifer DeLany. 

DeLany lives in the neighborhood next to the Claremore Expo Center and she said she was in bed at home one night last week when something woke her up.

But it wasn't until the next day that she found out what it was 

"Something came to me and I was like, 'this isn't a dream, I really did hear something,' so that's when I started reviewing my cameras and that's where I saw the guy lurking and trying to get into our Cadillac," DeLany said. 

The man didn't get away with anything but DeLany took to social media anyway to try to figure out who he might be.

She said when she did, the response was overwhelming.

Neighbors came forward telling her about their experiences and one man had an incident that same night.

"He had heard somebody inside his home and this was probably 15 minutes before my incident had occurred and he literally lives just three blocks down the road," DeLany said. 

DeLany said there's no sense of safety.

"I'm constantly checking my doors, checking my windows, checking my cameras," she said. 

Claremore Police Department Chief Stan Brown said that over the last 30 days in Claremore, there have been 13 reported vehicle burglaries. 

"I don't like that number but it's not an unusual number," Brown said. "I don't see any spikes."

But, Brown said it's troubling nonetheless and he wants people to report even the smallest of incidents.

"People shouldn't worry about troubling us to come do our job," Brown said. 

He said if people are worried he wants to know so that his department can see if there is a pattern in the incidents.

DeLany has reported her incident to police but hopes other's will follow suit.