TULSA, Oklahoma - A dangerous hill in south Tulsa is getting a new surface - that city leaders hope will make it safer to drive.

The work at Signal Hill between 91st and 81st and Yale is going on from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday and Friday so it won't interfere with rush hour and school traffic.

Road crews are putting in what's called Grade A asphalt which is rougher and has a shorter life-span, but they hope it will give drivers better traction.

While they're doing that work, only one southbound lane will be open between 81st to 91st. Northbound drivers will have to find another route.

Councilor Phil Lakin knows this area well and the problems on the hill.

"I was driving home on Friday and couldn't even get through because three cars had crashed,” Lakin said.

“So southbound traffic had to turn around and just wing it."

Lakin says they only need the rougher asphalt to last a couple years because of a major project coming in 2019 to widen the road.