TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Republicans gathered at Mamadou's Restaurant in downtown Tulsa to watch the inauguration.

The owner of the restaurant is an immigrant from Gambia, an African country going through turmoil right now because the old president had refused to make way for the newly-elected one. 

Momodou Ceesay, the owner of Mamadou's Restaurant, held the watch party at his restaurant to see his new country's peaceful transfer of power. 

Early January 20, the former president of Gambia agreed to leave the country after weeks of refusing to accept the country's election results.
and Momodou said he is glad he is not there.

Ceesay was born and raised in the tiny country of Gambia in West Africa, but 34 years ago, he came to the United States to attend college.

Now, he is Vice Mayor of Glenpool and owns a restaurant.

Ceesay didn't vote for Donald Trump in November, but to him, inauguration day is about much more than who won or lost the election.

He sees it as a celebration of something his old country hasn't been able to master yet - a peaceful transition of power. 

"That is why I tell every American that I have an opportunity to talk to, we are blessed to be in this country," Ceesay said. "To either be born in this country or to still live here." 

Ceesay's hoping the new president will represent all Americans, including immigrants like him.