TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police took three into custody after an officer witnessed one of them fire multiple AK-47 shots into the air early Saturday.

Officers said at about 1:45 a.m. a detective in an unmarked patrol car was headed south in the 2100 block of South Sheridan when he saw a passenger in a white Chevy Malibu also headed south, fire at least 20 rounds from inside the car.

They said the detective called for assistance as he followed the car. The Malibu was eventually stopped at the Normandy Apartments in the 3800 block of South Lakewood.

Inside the car, police recovered a AK-47.  

The driver, Cleo White, 26, and two passengers, Willie Roussell, 26, and John Whiteside, 27, were arrested.   

Police said Roussell admitted to officers he was the one who had fired the weapon.  

Officers also impounded White's car due to an expired license tag from 2015.