BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - Bargain hunters will have their shot at used trucks, cars, snow plows, fitness equipment, office furniture, electronics and much more during the City of Broken Arrow's 12-day online surplus auction.

There's even a firetruck up for bids.

The online auction begins Monday, January 23 and ends February 3. 

Broken Arrow has hosted the auction for the last six years.

Interested bidders may view the items in person before placing a bid. Instructions for scheduling an appointment can be found with the item’s detailed information on the auction website.

Once the online auction begins, bidders will have 12 days to participate. The winning bidders must claim their items at the City’s warehouse, 1700 W. Detroit Street.

Proceeds from the sale of surplus items will be deposited into the General Fund and Broken Arrow Municipal Authority funds, depending on the sold item's source funding.

Purchasing Manager Patrick Harrison said not only does the city benefit, but community members do too.

"A lot of the items we sell is from people in the surrounding communities and in Broken Arrow; and I know that some people are really grateful that they can get a car a lot cheaper than going to a car lot. They seem happy, so that makes me happy," he said.

If you can't participate in the auction, the City said it will have another one in about six months.