TULSA, Oklahoma - With a new president in the Oval Office, political cartoonists have to change up their work.

At the Tulsa World, editorial cartoonist Bruce Plante is making that transition.

Rick: "What do you focus on with Trump? Hair?"
Plante: "Oh, yeah, definitely the hair."

Plante always wanted to be a cartoonist, just didn't know what kind. He’s been doing editorial cartoons for about 40 years - almost 10 in Tulsa.

With the former president, Barack Obama, the focus was ears.

"His ears have grown over the years," Plante said.

He said he knows he has a good one when co-workers get it.

Not every news story is cartoon worthy.

Obama was good for cartoonists - Hillary and Putin may be better, but Plante said, “Nobody holds a candle to Trump."

The transition is good.