CATOOSA, Oklahoma - The parents of a Catoosa student went to the school board for a second time Tuesday, claiming a teacher sent inappropriate text messages to their daughter.

Terra Maxey said she found out a Catoosa High School teacher was texting her 16-year-old daughter last September.

Maxey said she feels the teacher's punishment wasn't enough.

Maxey said her daughter brought some text messages to her attention last fall.

But, after she took them to the superintendent and the school board, she said all they've done is brush it under the rug.

"If he wasn't lying, why did his story change three or four times?" Maxey said. 

"I kind of stopped in my tracks and said, who? And she goes, 'yes, there's a teacher that's been texting me.'"

Maxey said the text messages weren't sexual in nature, but they were still personal enough to make her daughter feel uncomfortable.

"How was your day? And these were times in the evening or early morning," Maxey said.

A statement from Catoosa Superintendent Rick Kibbe says, "School officials received notice of a parent's concern about improper communications with a female student on October 18, 2016, and administrators began investigating this matter the very same day it was reported."

And that the board believes it has "taken appropriate actions to review and respond to this situation."

Maxey said there was an investigation, and the findings stated that the teacher had violated school policy.

However, he has continued working at the school ever since.

Maxey said she's just happy her daughter was brave enough to speak up.

"There's girls out there that can't do that, that's not brave enough to do that, and I'm thankful she did," Maxey said. "I don't know how far it would've gotten."

News On 6 isn't releasing the name of the teacher because he has not been arrested or charged.

Maxey said she has filed a complaint with the Oklahoma Office of Civil Rights and she also plans on filing a civil suit against the school.