TULSA, Oklahoma - Dozens of dogs destined for the slaughterhouse are getting a new leash on life, thanks to the Humane Society of Tulsa.

The organization is getting ready for the arrival of 24 dogs rescued from a meat market in South Korea. 

The Tulsa Humane Society is no stranger to large-scale dog rescues, but now they are preparing to take part in a dog rescue on an international scale.
Caroline, Ruby, Max, Annie and Coyah are the first five pups to arrive in Green Country from South Korea.

The Humane Society staff said they are not aggressive. 

Staff said despite the cruelty the dogs experienced, after a few weeks of play time with other dogs and positive interactions with people, the pups should be ready soon to find their forever homes.  

As far as the 19 others, the organization said they don't know what to expect but they are proud to be part of the rescue. 

"We go all over the city, the state we've take in dogs from all over the nation so now to be doing something on a worldwide level, we very, very proud to be part of that," said Humane Society of Tulsa Executive Director Evan Fadem. 

The dogs have never had a bed to sleep on and that's something the Humane Society is asking people to donate.