CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - Claremore police are trying to find the owners of stolen items recovered from two burglary suspects.

Police said the stolen items could link the couple to multiple crimes.

Two victims have already identified their things from the pile of stolen items connecting a couple to at least two burglaries in Claremore. 

Officers arrested 29-year-old Davidson Fields and 34-year-old Dustie Sykes Tuesday morning.

Police say the two broke into a home and then fell asleep in the closet.

Officers say Davidson and Sykes told them they got in through an unlocked door.

Investigators say the couple had bags full of stolen items including credit cards, iPhones and jewelry - all things reported stolen in the past year.

Police say times have changed and people have to make sure they are protecting their property.

"Your neighbor is your best person to watch out for your property. They would be more willing to call the police department if they actually knew you and knew that this person didn't belong over there then there is a good chance that that person might call the police," said Claremore Police Officer Brian Burnett. 

Police said a majority of the burglary cases they investigate involved someone who left a door or window unlocked.