JENKS, Oklahoma - More than 1,000 students at Jenks High School took their education to new heights Thursday.

They Skyped with astronaut Shane Kimbrough, who’s aboard the International Space Station; it was an event for Flight Night's Space Week.

The purpose was to inspire students to reach for the stars.

The kids were able to ask Kimbrough anything they wanted to about life in space.

The astronaut showed the kids how the shuttle worked, what he ate in space, and even how to play basketball in zero gravity.

Jonathan Kelvington, an eighth grader at Jenks, was one of the lucky students chosen to ask Kimbrough a question.

Kelvington: "He was just talking about how much work he put in and he said it was kind of hard but he just kept going."
Sawyer: "Did you get anything from that?"
Kelvington: “Yeah, it showed me not to give up on anything just keep going."