BIXBY, Oklahoma - The image of the stereotypical high school weight room is filled with football players, but at Bixby, that's not quite the case.

They're kind of turning that logic on its head.

"You saw about 85 kids from six, seven different sports all getting their work in," said strength and conditioning coach Michael Gilligan.

"We do squats, we push, we pull, we do single-leg work, we do explosive work," stated Gilligan.

Gilligan works with offensive linemen to girls soccer and anything else you can think of.

"We kind of group them by needs,” he explained. “A lot of the needs overlap, but it just makes it a little bit easier to program and sort of group them where they need to be."

He added, "All we're trying to do here is really just prepare these kids for the demands of their sport… These kids come in, they trust the process, they perfect the process, they're consistent, and for those kids, it pays off."

And the process must be working.

In 2010, Bixby had eight kids who could power clean 225 pounds. And this year, they have more than 60.