OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma - A Tulsa representative can only wait to find out how his colleagues view allegations of sexual harassment made against him.

For the first time, Representative Dan Kirby met with house members investigating him.

A special committee of the State House met all afternoon with the Broken Arrow state representative to talk about the sexual harassment claims against him.

The meeting ended without a decision.

Kirby has been accused of sexually harassing a former legislative assistant who worked for him.

Friday, he was before the committee to tell his side of the story, even though the state house, with taxpayer money, has already settled the case, giving $44,500 to the former executive assistant.

Since that settlement was made public, a second woman came and testified that she, too, faced sexual harassment from Kirby.

The committee did not make a final decision Friday; they said they need to have one more meeting.

Kirby said he thinks he got a fair hearing.

“I would like to compliment the committee on allowing me to give my side of the story. I think they've done a fair job in allowing me to present my side - they were professional and I appreciate that of them,” he said.

Besides saying it was a fair hearing and a professional setting, Kirby had no future comments and said he would make a public comment once the committee makes its findings public.

They are forwarding their results to the full House for an ultimate decision about what happened. It could be nothing, or, it could be up to expulsion from the State House.