DEWEY, Oklahoma - It's taken four years for the City of Dewey to get rid of its old water tower, but thanks to an unlikely buyer, it’s finally coming down.

The whole process to get the water tower taken down has been a lengthy one, but because of a North Carolina man who walked away with a bargain, it's almost over.

When you think of all the things you could buy with six dollars, does a water tower come to mind? Probably not, but that's what one man is paying for the old Dewey water tower.

"We had a gentleman that had the winning bid of $6, so his job is to come and retrieve his property, and that's what he's doing right now," said Dewey City Manager Kevin Trease. "He was the only person that bid on it."

Trease said having the water tower removed would've cost upward of $45,000, so selling it to someone for $6, who will also take it down, it's a big money saver.

"We thought, well, if we're lucky, someone will want to pay $10,000 for it. But, you know, for $6, we decided it was like saving $45,000."

And the land there will be put to good use. On top of the brand new water tower, they're also building a new police station.

"City-owned property, it's a perfect location right here next to the fire station," Trease said. "I'm very excited to get started on this project."

As for what Scott Grigg will do with all the metal, it's still a mystery.

He was too busy working at the top of the tower for an interview; but whatever his plans, let's hope it's $6 well spent.

Trease said they hope to have the new police station finished by December