TULSA, Oklahoma - The family resource fair is way to introduce folks who are living in Oklahoma from other countries to some of the services available to them in Tulsa.

The big push is on education, but of course with the president's recent actions on immigration, that was another focus.

Dream Act Oklahoma is a group that aims to support the local immigration community. The group hosted its first ever resource fair at TCC's Lemley Memorial Campus.

Fifteen community organizations set up booths to introduce people to the many resources available in Tulsa.

Those who attended got to meet with Tulsa police officers and talk with people about how to get legal advice or college scholarships.

“We just want the community to be aware,” said Mimi Martinez of Dream Act Oklahoma. “It's mainly pushing education, making them aware of education and the resources that are available for the families.”

But, the organizers said Trump's new policies on immigration are also top of mind with more people paying attention and wondering what's going to happen next. So, the group wanted to be there as a support for those who might have questions.

“We set the date for the weekend specifically because we knew there was a potential for things to happen and we wanted to create that safe space for immigrant communities,” Talina Avila of Dream Act Oklahoma stated. “But also, the greater Tulsa to see that they have support within their community.” 

Dream act Oklahoma hopes to make this annual event but also plans to host more meetings in the future that focus more on immigration under the Trump administration.