TULSA, Oklahoma - About a dozen members of the Tulsa National Women's Prayer and Voting Army came together to celebrate President Trump's first week in office, which they say was a success.

The women of the group say Trump's victory is an answer to their prayers.

The Women's Prayer and Voting Army formed right after the Republican National Convention.

Organizers say in the year leading up to Trump's victory, more than 1,000 women joined the grassroots effort to pray President Trump into office.

At the group's celebration the participants shared personal stories about their visit to the Trump inauguration.

In light of Trump's recent executive order imposing immigration bans for certain countries, to a judge's decision to block parts of that order,
members of the group say they support what Trump is doing wholeheartedly and they say the rest of the country should too.

"I'm in total support," said Eleanor Wilkerson, with the National Women's Prayer and Voting Army. "We need our borders to be safe. This is a different kind of war. It's not like World War II. It's people infiltrating into our country to take it over."

The National Women's Prayer and Voting Army is a grassroots organization, and to find out how to keep track of more upcoming events, visit their website.