OKLAHOMA CITY - Nearly 40 years after a Tulsa woman's mother was murdered, she is asking people to send letters to Oklahoma City so the convicted killer stays in prison when his next parole decision is made. 

Kendal Ashmore was murdered in 1977 when her daughter Laura Blevins was just 12 years old.  

"She was everything from homecoming queen to prom queen to valedictorian of her class," said Laura Blevins, Kendal's daughter. 

Larry Chaney is in prison right now, serving time for her murder after he was convicted and sentenced to death.

He was never tried for the murder of Kathy Brown, the family's horse trainer, who was found buried in Sallisaw with Kendal. 

"He took two lives - he doesn't deserve to be out in society," Blevins said. 

An appeal to Chaney's sentence changed it to life in prison.

But every three years he has the potential to get out on parole, which is why she's encouraging anyone and everyone to write a letter to the parole board, Blevins said. 

This year, Blevins is using social media to reach out to more people.  

The letters don't even have to be handwritten. A quick email stating why someone wants him to stay in prison can also be sent to the parole board. 

"There are people that prefer to have their personal touch and write a letter," she said. "So hopefully, they've gotten both."

While she said the letters and emails can help keep him in prison - they serve another purpose.

Blevins recalls one woman telling her how she watched law enforcement search for Chaney after the murders. 

"Another thing she brought up was that the FBI members and her family had a prayer circle for my family, so I thought that was really sweet," Blevins said. 

When people let her know what they write, Blevins learns new things about her mom. 

"If you had to find one good thing that comes out of this, it's the little stories like that, that mean a lot to me," she said. 

Tuesday is the deadline to send a letter or email, and there are specific instructions for how to do that.


Letters can either be Emailed or Mailed and should be addressed to the Parole Board members. They must be received no later than Tuesday, January 31, 2017.
Email: boardcommunications@ppb.ok.gov
Written letters: 
Pardon and Parole Board
2915 North Classen Blvd
Suite 405
Oklahoma City, OK. 73106. 
Emails and Letters must include:
Larry Chaney DOC 095872 
February 2017 Board Meeting 
This must be on the back of the envelope or in the heading of emails.