TULSA, Oklahoma - Thieves broke into a used car lot, stealing money, paperwork, and car keys. Now, the owner is offering a hefty reward to get it all back.

The thieves did not touch the cars at Foster Auto Super Center near 41st and Sheridan. Instead, they went inside and went straight for the big-ticket item.

Brandon Foster spent Monday morning repairing his store's shattered front door after thieves broke into Foster Auto Super Center early Sunday morning.

Oddly enough, the thieves did not steal any of the cars on the lot; but the owner said what they did caused a lot more damage.

Foster said the thieves cut all the utilities going into the building - electricity, cable, internet - destroyed the security system, and even cut the cords to the car lot's surveillance cameras.

Fortunately, the lot's neighbors, Tulsa Gold and Silver, had their cameras running.

Around 4 a.m. Sunday, surveillance video shows two cars pull into the Tulsa Gold and Silver lot and two people get out.

They circle around back, behind Foster Auto Super Center's building, where the main utility lines are.

They leave in just one car and come back an hour later. This time, they make out with the company's safe, full of cash, in their arms.

"I hope their conscience bothers them,” Foster said. “Because this is an honest living we do here, and it's pretty tough to deal with people like that."

Foster said a few sets of keys are also missing, so he's hired security to stand guard at night in case the thieves show up to steal cars.

Still, he feels uneasy about the whole thing.

"It's a little uncomfortable sitting here every day. I worry about it at night now, whereas I didn't before," Foster said.

Foster is offering a $10,000 reward for the return of the safe and its contents. If you know anything about the case, you're asked to call Tulsa police.