TULSA, Oklahoma - Anybody ever tell you that you need to get up and get moving? Well, a group of Tulsans has taken that to heart, and then some – now, they're healthier, happier, and having fun.

Some ladies showed us one of the routines they've been working on at the Town Village Retirement Community.

"The audience loves them. They always want them to dance for every party," Tammie Olandese said.

Olandese is the activity director and the dance teacher at Town Village Retirement Community. She said the most difficult step is the first one.

"The next thing you know they're line dancing, and turning - smiles on their faces," she said.

Not only is it fun, but it gives them some exercise.

"Number one it's a wonderful way to exercise. We kind of bond, and it's just plain fun," they said.

Olandese said, "Their coordination is improving, their muscle memory.

Now all they need is a dance hall.

The group practices once or twice a week and they perform every chance they get.