TULSA, Oklahoma - The owner of Oakwood Homes in Tulsa is asking for help catching the thieves who stole over $10,000 worth of furniture from one of their model homes.   

The living room of one of Oakwood Homes' model homes was fully furnished 48 hours ago. Now, all that's left is a dining room table and a few wreaths on the wall.

Employees said thieves drove through a fence to get on to the property early Tuesday morning

General Manager William Long said they stole a trailer from the back lot, pulled it up to the home and started loading up furniture.

"They stole sectional sofas, recliners, coffee tables, end tables, a full bedroom set, night stands, chest of drawers, dressers, they even took the drapes off the wall," Long said. 

But, what they didn't know is they were being recorded on security cameras.

The video shows the thieves driving a truck onto the lot around one in the morning and leaving 45 minutes later with a trailer full of furniture.

"We usually get robbed about once or twice a year," Long said. 

But this time he's putting up more of a fight.

"I guess we are just more frustrated. That is one reason we have reached out on social media and reached out to the press," he said. 

A nearby business saw the crime on social media and checked their own surveillance video which appears to show another vehicle involved.

"This has got to stop," Long said. "Ultimately, I feel like we are drawing a line in the sand this time that we are gonna get these guys." 

Now, Long tells me that since the theft, the company has increased security.

But he is hoping that with social media's help, police will find the suspects.