TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa's historic Cain's Ballroom has a new dance floor.

This weekend when The Eli Young Band hits the stage, fans might think they are walking onto the same legendary floor they have danced on for years but this floor is brand new. 

It's been a Tulsa landmark since 1924. Cain's Ballroom welcomes more than 100,000 music lovers from around the globe each year. 

Cain's General Manager Chad Rodgers wants to keep it that way.

"We never wanted to change anything that would take away from the legend of Cain's," Rodgers said. 

So, in January, when safety concerns forced Rodgers to replace the floor, he took extra precautions to keep it looking like it has since 1935.

"When you walk in, you will see the same maple wood floors with walnut accents along the outer edges and in the center, it will still bounce like everyone wants," Rodgers said.

In fact, the only difference, he said, is a single stripe down the center of the dance floor. 

"It's still the same old place. And it looks the same and it will sound the same and it will feel the same," Rodgers said. 

Despite the legend, Rodgers said the dance floor at Cain's has never had springs under it. He said the spring comes from the type of wood and how it's laid down.