TULSA, Oklahoma - An artist is painting a giant mural of a superhero in Tulsa. Tulsa artist James Gallager said he didn't actually have the city's permission before he started a week ago, but now his work covers the bottom of a Riverside bridge.

News On 6 Photojournalist Michael Blair caught up with him at the 21st street bridge.

Gallager said he's lived in Tulsa since 1993 and said he's worked on different murals in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. 

"What I'm trying to do is create a perspective where this feels like this is a real thing, a real person under here, or a real superhero," he said. "When I decided to do it it was kind of a cold night, rainy, and came under here, and all of a sudden I saw that it's not just people standing here waiting for the rain to go, Spiderman was also standing here."

Gallager said people of all ages can enjoy his artwork. 

"Whether it is old people, young people, boys, girls, bike riders, runners, everybody really is tickled by this," he said. "I don't know why, or what is good about the value of art, I just know I have to do it."