KELLYVILLE, Oklahoma - Monday, something extraordinary happened at Kellyville Elementary School.

The special education students there had a chamber music concert played especially for them, and they absolutely loved it.

The Aeolus Quartet played a concert for Kellyville Elementary School’s special education students Monday.

Teacher Mary Hayes said, "They've never seen anything like this. I'm thrilled."

Budget cuts have cost Kellyville its music teacher for the early grades and special ed., so teachers make do. Having live musicians was extraordinary.

"Just to give them that opportunity to see their little faces...they were captured," said teacher Michelle Rombow.

The quartet is here for Chamber Music Tulsa's Beethoven Winter Festival, and they love taking their music to new places.

Last year, the teachers asked Chamber Music Tulsa if they would bring one of their quartets to Kellyville, so they did.

"It helps us play our best when we feel the audience is really taking it in," they said.

Hayes said, “The kids absolutely loved it."

The Beethoven Winter Festival runs through this month. You can find more information here.