TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police said they've arrested a man seven times in the past seven months - the most recent arrest took place February 6th.

Police say Chase Young is in the Tulsa County jail, again.

Normally, his bond is $2,000 or $3,000 and he gets out quickly, but, this time, police specifically requested a higher bond, and they got it.

It's been set at $100,000.

Not only did they arrest Young Monday night, they also arrested him last Monday, and the Tuesday before that, and four times in the past few months, all for the same types of crimes - stolen vehicles, stolen items and possession of stolen property.

They say they retrieved numerous stolen items from Young's most recent arrest when the say he got caught driving a stolen Corvette.

So far, they've identified five victims the stolen property belongs to - people who had their homes, businesses and cars broken into.

"He's a constant problem for us," said TPD Burglary Sergeant Brian Blair.

Blair said there are about a dozen burglars who commit tons of crimes, and if they could put them away it would put a huge dent in Tulsa's crime rate.

"They're what I'd call professional burglars - that's what they do for a living. They hit two to three times a day on average," Blair said.

Burglary affects thousands of law-abiding citizens every year and they don't understand why repeat offenders don't go to prison.

"Unfortunately, burglary is a property crime. They're non-violent offenders, and with overcrowding in jails, people are let out - they get time served, or nothing, or suspended sentences and keep doing it," Blair said.

Young has a long list of charges pending against him and several warrants have been issued because he fails to show up for court.